The REsults are in!

Your creative genius is...

THE master


Committed to Craft, Detail Focused, Hard Worker. 


Focus, Discipline, Dedication, Patience.


Working with Hands, An Actual Tangible Product, 


You Make The World Go Round. 

Masters are the makers of all of our tangible systems. Without you, we’d be flailing around, ricocheting off each other. Because of your hard work and mastery of your craft, the world can operate.  

Masters are able to see the components of things and appreciate their specific beauty. An eye for detail, you could spend hours, days or whatever it takes perfecting something. You are focused and committed to the project at hand. You will work harder than the rest and will persist until you’re happy with the results. Patience is a virtue and you have it. 

People gravitate to you because of your ability to produce consistent quality results and are an expert problem solver. 


Your dedication to making things perfect leans into perfectionism paralysis, where you may never be satisfied with the final result and therefore, never “finish.” You also may avoid taking risks with your creativity because of the unknown. Productivity is one half and inspiration is the other. Create space to dream, imagine and play so your work is not rote or mechanical. Partner with folks that push you out of your comfort zone so that you can continuously expand your mastery. 

That was fun, right?!

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