The REsults are in!

Your creative genius is...

THE transformer


Charismatic, Expressive, Natural Storyteller.


Giving Voice to Human Emotions, Generosity, Risk-Taker.


Teamwork, Creative Expression, Exploring & Validation.


You Disrupt the Status Quo.

Transformers are passionate, risk taking mavens. Change is scary for some, but not you my friend. Bring it on! You have the ability to take what exists and create something brand new.  You are charismatic and expressive and generously share your spirit with others. 

People gravitate to you because of your confidence and fresh perspective. You are wide open, offering up your ideas and visions with the world. You are sensitive and intuitive with others. A curious spirit, you have an innate ability to expand boundaries, experiment and play. You draw on the creativity of others to build something brand new, with your own message. You are a wonderful team member. You’re an idealist with deep-hearted emotions.


Your creative spark wears off and you are tempted to immediately change course. Practice consistent daily action so you don’t jump off course whenever the wind tempts you.  There is magic in the art of follow through. You are most effective when you have a constant creative flow and outlet for your expression. 

That was fun, right?!

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