The REsults are in!

Your creative genius is...

THE originator


Independent, Inventive, Visionary.


Intuitive, Ability to Manifest, Inspiring Others.


Big ideas, Finding Beauty in Spaces & Things, Creating.


You Bring Things To Life. 

Originators are where it all begins. You create out of the ether. Where there was nothing, now there is genius. Inventive, innovative, initiative. Ideas and visions come to you and you have the unique ability to also bring them to life. 

People gravitate to you’re a dreamer. You have the ability to inspire and connect with your emotions. You are sensitive, with a vivid imagination. When you are in your state of flow, nothing can stop you.  You do your best work by trusting your instinct. Working with you is never a straight line. Often you are disciplined when the direction is clear, but . . . 


You lose direction and momentum. When you’re inside your rich inner world, you can sometimes lose sense of space and time. And zoning in a particular path isn’t always easy for you. Partnering with someone who loves the nitty gritty details is best so you can focus on the big ideas. You must also practice throwing away the inner voice of fear. It is when you are free of self-doubt that your creativity becomes boundless. 


That was fun, right?!

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