The REsults are in!

Your creative genius is...



Truth Seeker, Intellectual, Inquisitive, A Perpetual Student.


Analytical, Curious, Wisdom, Understanding. 


Diving into the Details, Abstract thinking.


You are Fueled by Your Sense of Wonder. 

Examiners are truth seekers. You are analytical by nature always curious about how things work. You love to assess information and are not afraid to challenge ideas. Judgement, understanding and evaluation are your creative art. 

People gravitate to you because of your ability to seek to understand all sides. It’s not just good and bad, but why, how and when. You are the “voice of reason.” You are a perpetual student and you’re in good company because the most successful people of our time have mastered this ability of learning to learn.  

You prefer solitude when working but love a good discourse where you can add bits of philosophical wisdom. You can see the big picture and a deeper meaning in all things. 


You are stuck inside that brilliant brain of yours, imagining possibilities or situations and missing the present. It is wise, dear Examiner, to focus on mastering the skill of mindfulness so you can choose when to power off and on. And remember to put more weight on positive thoughts than the negative.

That was fun, right?!

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