The REsults are in!

Your creative genius is...



Big Picture Guru, Ability to See Talent, Keeps Calm Under Fire.


Strong Leadership Skills, Ultimate Do-er, Results Driven.


Catergorizing, Sorting, Organizing & Developing.


You Run The Show. 

Curators are strong but level-headed action heroes. They have the ability to bring people together and find sparks of potential in the nooks and crannies. 

People gravitate to you because of your ability to make things happen. You have an innate ability to contextualize, structure and develop information. You enjoy the creative process with all its ups and downs and you are able to keep calm when the fires roll in, analyzing the issue and quickly finding a solution. 

You know how to make things work together and you’re able to pull out to see the big picture to find something or someone’s purpose. You like organizing and gathering ideas and concepts. You are intuitive and can usually anticipate issues before they arise. 


Your ability to see the potential in everything hinders your ability to decipher when something is worth your while. You also can get lost in the planning, focused on producing a result, and therefore, unclear if it holds purpose for you. Finding quiet moments when you can tap into your intuition will help guide you. Seek collaborators and partners that keep your mind open to new possibilities. 

That was fun, right?!

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