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New South is a company dedicated to cultivating untapped talent with unique stories.

Founded by producers, Meg Messmer and Gabrielle Pickle with over 20 years of experience in all capacities of the industry. Their collective credits include working with various titles under Universal Studios, Warner Bros Studios and Turner Broadcasting, as well as independent films, IMPRISONED starring Laurence Fishburne, ONLY starring Leslie Odom Jr. and Frida Pinto, SUMMER ’03 starring Joey King and STILL starring Madeline Brewer among so many more. 

What can we do for you?


Finding the most talented writers in the Southeast, developing the story, deck and pitch and taking it out to get it sold!


From concept to production to distribution, we refine and cultivate a TV or film project across the finish line.

Production Services

Need us on set to run the show? We can can get your film in the can. Line producing, UPM, Production Managing and more.

The TEam

Meg Messmer


Gabrielle Pickle


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Everybody Has A story . . .

Hey, I’m Meg. I’m an enthusiastic film, TV and commercial actress, a scrappy independent producer, and a tenacious writer & creator. Or we could use my favorite word, a multi-hyphenate. 

I went from a struggling actor trying to produce projects I could star in to producing $12 million feature films.  

IMagine this:

Meg Messmer is an actress, producer, and creative career coach

I’m sitting across from my acting coach telling him how I quit my day job because I finally have momentum as a working actor . . . only to find out, surprise! I’m pregnant. And with my belly starting to show, all of my auditions have stopped. 

He’s patiently listening . . . and then . . . he asks me to produce a $1 million feature film with him. 

WHA???? ME?!? 

 Turns out, my side hustle of producing shorts, pilots and sizzles made him believe in my ability to get things done. 

That night I buy the best “How To Make a Movie” book I can find so that I can fake it til I make it and try not fail miserably. 

The moral to the story . . . 

Sometimes, it just takes somebody else to see you. My coach saw me. And we became producing partners. You might need somebody to see something in you and I would love to help with that. 

Producers are able to manufacture energy from sunlight or other outside sources, without having to consume food. 

-mother nature

"I can tell that we are gonna be friends..." The White Stripes