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If we haven’t met yet, my name is Megan, but my friends call me Meg. I’m an enthusiastic film, TV and commercial actress, a scrappy independent producer, and a tenacious writer & creator.  

I’m also a Mama Bird, fiercely loyal and protective, an energizing fireball of a coach, spontaneously raw, and a getting-my-hands-in-the-dirt kinda gal. 

I'm the person you call to light a fire under you.

From Michigan to NYC to Los Angeles to Atlanta, I started my marathon to be a hard working, story driven, adventure-seeking creative, all the while being a good person and building a great team. I like to think I’m doing just that. 

Are you ready to make $#%! happen? I’d love for you to join the team!

Meg Messmer is an actress, producer, and creative career coach

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