Does Being a Mom in Production Change How You’re Perceived?

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So far, I’ve been pregnant for almost half of my professional producing career. Seem crazy? Uhh….WHY? I’m currently smack dab in the middle of not only my childbearing years, but also my career development years. And yet, there’s a weeeeeiiiiiiird unspoken fear or faux pas around women working while pregnant or even women having kids in general.

WTF people?!?!?!  

Now, we’re gonna skip all the “should I be a working mom or a stay-at-home mom” arguments for this blog, (more on those later) and instead focus on the “motherhood penalty.” According to Produced By‘s article “Toppling the Motherhood Penalty” by Michelle Budnick, “working mothers are often viewed as less productive, more distracted, less stable and less achievement-oriented than their male counterparts. Studies have shows that mothers are 79% less likely to be hired than men or child-free women and offered less money for their work,”


“The pay gap grows larger with each additional child.” 

I mean COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!! 

What is this common fallacy that pregnant women are somehow disabled in some way? Are we in an altered state and going through massive hormone changes? YES, of course! But that doesn’t mean I can’t do my job! If anything, I have become BETTER at my job because I will triple check my work, and be focused on other things besides back pain. 

Which reminds me that while I was producing my first feature during my first pregnancy, I was constantly running up and down stairs in the house where we were shooting. I was still working 14+ hour days (and sometimes taking power naps when we’d go past midnight). But I was VERY VERY ACTIVE, which I think contributed immensely to a short active labor, only 6 hours! 

I believe we can have a symbiotic relationship with pregnancy, working moms and the entertainment industry. I mean, I feel like moms were built to be producers. I produce my family’s life EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. This is a natural state of being for me.  

To quote Produced By again, here is the glorious Suzanne Todd, a successful producer and also mother of three saying…

“Being a Producer is in some way like being a Mom to hundreds of people for short periods of time while you’re making a movie together.”

Right???? Well said, Suzanne. 

We’re basically your mom already, so stop punishing us for ALSO being moms. 

What about you? What has been your experience momming or being preggers on set? I’d love to hear your stories! Share below! Or send me an email! 

shine on,

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