Messmerize Entertainment is a company dedicated to cultivating untapped female & Diverse talent with unique stories.

Messmerize Entertainment is the production arm founded by seasoned producer, Meg Messmer. With over almost 15 years experience producing TV and film in all capacities of the industry, Messmerize is dedicated to discovering and cultivating untapped talent and unique stories while pursuing sustainable and inclusive models of development and production. Film credits include One True Loves starring Simu Liu and Phillipa Soo, Switch & Bait starring Otmara Marrero, Katie Clarkson-Hill, Imprisoned with Laurence Fishburne, Juan Pablo Raba & Edward James Olmos. Television credits include American Idol, America’s Got Talent, X Factor, The Wedding Band and many others.

Producers are able to manufacture energy from sunlight or other outside sources, without having to consume food. 

-mother nature

Meg Messmer



Meg is a multi-hyphenate creator-producer-writer-actor. Her digital series, INTERSECTION, which she co-created, produced, co-directed and starred in, was Emmy© nominated, Director’s Choice at Austin Revolution Festival, had its West Coast Premiere at Dances With Films Festival, and was picked up to a PBS station. Meg led the diverse, all-female writer’s room and produced the series with cast and crew of over 80% female and BIPOC. Most recently she produced the feature, SWITCH & BAIT, as part of a female-driven initiative for women behind the camera. She co-produced the internationally distributed film, IMPRISONED, starring Laurence Fishburne with Equitas Entertainment, a company focused on social justice and closing the gender pay gap. She has worked professionally with FremantleMedia, Mandeville Films and the elite management firm, Untitled Entertainment, before becoming an independent producer, where she has worked internationally on microbudget features to multimillion dollar, A-list films. Her current series in development, STRANGERS AT HOME, was chosen for development funding and partnership with Film I Skåne. Meg is committed to using her voice and talents in storytelling to make change. 


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From concept to production to distribution, we refine and cultivate a TV or film project across the finish line.

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Need us on set to run the show? We can can get your film in the can. Line producing, UPM, Production Managing and more.

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If we haven’t met yet, my name is Meg. I’m an enthusiastic film, TV and commercial actress, a scrappy independent producer, a tenacious writer & creator, and a fiercely loyal mama bird. 

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