Are you living YOUR

Creative Life



As multi-hyphenates we never take time to check in with whether we're living our life according to our values. But this is an essential step to creating the Success & Balance we NEED as artists.

That’s why I’ve Created the Tested-And-Proven CREATIVE CORE VALUES REPORT to Find Out if You’re Truly Living With Intergrity!

My Creative



If we haven’t met yet, my name is Megan, but my friends call me Meg. I’m an enthusiastic film, TV and commercial actress, a scrappy independent producer, and a tenacious writer & creator.  

I’m also a Mama Bird, fiercely loyal and protective, an energizing fireball of a coach, spontaneously raw, and a getting-my-hands-in-the-dirt kinda gal. 

I'm the person you call to light a fire under you.

From Michigan to NYC to Los Angeles to Atlanta, I started my marathon to be a hard working, story driven, adventure-seeking creative, all the while being a good person and building a great team. I like to think I’m doing just that. 

Are you ready to make $#%! happen? I’d love for you to join the team!