I'm Meg Messmer.

Producer, Creator, Actress & Activator.
Creative Coach for Do-ers & the Loudest Soccer Mom on the Field.

The Courses


Producing Lab

From producing a web series sizzle with $300 to being picked up by an A-lister's production company, to producing a 12 million dollar feature. I turned "Why me?" to "Of course me!" 

Becoming a Multi-hyphenate Actor

Take control of your career. The entertainment industry has changed dramatically. Being "just an actor" is rare and honestly, who wants to? Learning how to diversify your talents and become a true multi-hyphenate puts fuel in your fire and makes you more sellable to agents, producers and networks.

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The Commercial Actor's Crash Course

Everything you need to know about commercial acting. From the audition, to the callback to the booking. Improv, eating on camera, headshots, secret tips and so much more. Find the secret sauce that makes YOU stand out and nail it!


Goals & Accountability Mastermind

Do you have too many big ideas and struggle to implement them? Are you burning it at both ends without following your true passion? Join my Accountability Mastermind and get $*#! done!

One of my favorite things to do on the planet . . .

. . . is to help folks find their passion and get after it!  My friends call it my superpower. It lights my fire when I can empower people with energy, optimism and direction towards their dreams, ambitions and inner calling. 

I currently run an in-person private Mastermind Group full of successful industry professionals. We focus on goal setting, accountability and community. For the first time, I’m offering my resources to you too!