I'm Meg Messmer.

Producer, Creator, Actress & Activator.
Creative Coach for Do-ers & the Loudest Soccer Mom on the Field.

I'm really happy you're here!

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Meg. I’m an enthusiastic film, TV and commercial actress, a scrappy independent producer, a tenacious writer & creator, and a fiercely loyal mama bird. 

OR . . . we could just use my favorite word, a mutli-hyphenate.

I'm the person you call to light a fire under you.

Are you ready to make $#%! happen?


You know that phrase…

"You learn by doing?"

All of my success as a producer came from being thrown into the ring and figuring out each fire as it lit up in front of me. (And no joke, one was an actual man on fire.)   

Want to hear about how grit, work ethic, boldness, persistence & the willingness to learn is the PERFECT secret sauce for producers? Don’t test the waters, just jump in. 

We were made….



From being scouted at Jeff Daniel’s hometown theatre to making my first SIX figures as the “Face of Ford.” My acting journey has been a ride and I’ve learned a TON!

Getting there was NOT a straight line.


Commercials are fun!

They’re also my Money Maker.

I’ve been lucky to make a living as a commercial actress for many years.  It’s also where I made my first six figures. 

But there’s a big difference in the theatrical and commercial acting muscle…


“Megan ignites a fire in you that allows you to DO.”

– Melanie Schutzius


It's Kinda My Thing...

Lots of folks ask me “how the heck do I do it?” How do I manage being a multi-hyphenate actor, producer, and creator AND a full-time mama? It’s not always easy, but I have learned a few tricks along the way. 

And guess what…THE MORNING IS MAGIC! 

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Let's Get Personal

I’ve gained a LOT of knowledge being in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years. I’m also an open book and I love steering folks in the right direction. That means, you get a lot of insight, a lot of love and sometimes…maybe the occassional T.M.I. I don’t cur guys. It’s me! 

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"I can tell that we are gonna be friends..." The White Stripes